Tomb Raider Last Revelation help!
  • I am in the Trenches and stuck! I am in room with crates and machine gun and I can see crawl space behind gun but I cant destroy gun because I cant target gas because it keeps following me and so I cant get a shot at the red on gas canister on gun. I know the steam vents are coming up next in the crawl space and need to get up there to continue on through the game but HOW DO I DO THAT WITHOUT CATCHING FIRE TO MYSELF IF I CANT DESTROY GUN? Please Help! THANK YOU
  • In this room get behind the boxes and crouch down. After doing that crawl around the room until you reach an area in the boxes where there is a window facing the gun. Get out the REVOLVER + LASERSIGHT and shoot the white fuel tank on the back of the gun. Once the gun is gone climb onto the highest box and do a running jump to the ledge across the room. Climb up onto the ledge and drop down the hole to a lower area. In this back area run along the hall until you reach a crawlspace to the left. Crawl through dodging the steam the best that you can. On the other side a gunman will be shooting at you. Once the gunman is dead explore this area for a place where you can climb up. From this new perch, use your REVOLVER + LASERSIGHT to destroy another sentry gun. After the smoke clears also kill the gunman that you can see just past where the sentry gun was. Now take and go back out to where you entered the crawlspace and go to where the second sentry gun was and head down this hallway. At the end of the hallway you will find another crawlspace leading off to the right. Go through the crawlspace while dodging the steam and you will get the WEAPON CODE KEY. Now go back through the crawlspace and in front of you there is a crack in the wall that you can use to shimmy to the other side. Once you are safely on the ground near the active sentry gun, run towards the wrecked jeep behind you. Back here kill the gunman and then use the CROWBAR on the engine to get the VALVE PIPE. Combine the VALVE PIPE and the NITROUS OXIDE CANNISTER to get the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER. Now go back to the bike the same way you got here and equip the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER to the bike and then go back to the Chambers of Tulun.