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    [drupal=299]Hair and Drama[/drupal]

    Well after much crying and pouting and sobbing my mom took me back to the hair salon and demanded that they even out my hair. I told the owner of the shop about how depressing it for me because I was unable to style it because of how poorly it was cut. The owner has know my family for awhile I guess and turns out she was happy to ablige. She rushed me back and took out a pair of scissors (like a good hair stylist) and began cutting like a good stylist. My hair looks better now, but I'm still not particularly fond of it.
  • Aww, poor Mel. I knew you didn't care for your new style much, but didn't realise it was that bad :hug:
    I hope you got the new trim for free, and possibly a free style next time as well. Oh and an apology of course as well.
    If not, I would take my business elsewhere if I were you.

    I'm glad your mom took your feelings and opinion into consideration regarding the trip to Texas. Plus it means you're available to talk as well, which is always good ;) hehe.

    Glad your class and prof liked your scene. I don't quite get why you would have to change the name of the female lead, but oh well *shrug*
    Cannot wait to read your scene with Spaz and his sister :)

    Speak soon hun,