Pop-culture trivia
  • Let's get back to the USA.

    Where was the movie "Animal House" filmed and where was it going to be filmed until the president of the university read the script and then refused? :rolleyes:
  • Alrighty, it was filmed at The University of Oregon. (in Eugene Oregon). More than fifty colleges turned them down, so I have no idea about which one specifically you are refering to. :(
  • After further checking you are correct. Several did turn them down. My original source only listed one, but there were more.

    The floor is now yours speedie. :)
  • As I won't be around much the next two days, due to the needed preparations for my trip to Texas on Wesnesday morning, I am going to pass on this one and allow whomever wants to give the next one to fire away!! Thank you! :D
  • Thank you, SB.

    Let's go back to Mayberry. What was Otis's wife's name?
  • The name Hellen comes to mind for some reason?
  • It may come to mind, her face may launch a thousand ships, but this time it's incorrect. Mrs. Otis Campbell's first name is not Hellen. Nor is it Mrs. Otis Campbell (for any o' you guys out there who might try that). :)
  • How about Mildred. There's alway an unseen Mildred somewhere in any 50's or 60's TV show.
  • True 'dat, Toothy! But in this instance, it's incorrect. I'm certain Mayberry had a Mildred or two in town, but none of them were married to Otis Campbell. Try again. :)

    ps. It's not a name I think is typical for Mayberry, though would be smart for.........oh, I don't know........a metermaid? (Geezer-slanted hint)
  • Rita??

    (if I do get this correct, Gr8 has my permission to do one in my stead! :D )
  • Aye, speedie. Rita is the one. Like in, "Lovely Rita, metermaid" the beatles' song. You are correct, and as you requested, Gr8white is up.......

    YO, TOOTHY! YER UP!.......
  • Thank you Speedie. Thank you WB.

    Geezer slanted? How dare you? <_< (Lovely Rita, metermaid....Beatles. Just in case there <i>are some folks who didn't get it!)

    Since "TV-Land" has been added to my Cable service recently, I have been perusing some of my favorite old TV shows. One of which is "Get Smart".

    Here's a question I got directly from an episode I saw recently...

    What make and model gun does Maxwell Smart use? As a bonus, how many rounds does it shoot?
  • If I remember correctly isn't it a "Finger Gun" that shoots 2 shots? I also believe that it was a .22 cal.

    However, with the massive amount of gadgets that our beloved Agent 86 has at his disposal, this could be way off!
  • Nope. That's not right Lu! It's not one of his gadgets.

    I should have qualified the question by stating that the gun I'm interested in is his standard issue gun.


    What make and model standard issue gun does Maxwell Smart use? As a bonus, how many rounds does it shoot?
  • A standard six-shot .38 (probably a Ruger security six)
  • Nope WB. We're making progress though. It is a .38 caliber. Still need the make, model and number of rounds it holds.
  • Wow this was way before my time.Didn't he have a 3-way gun? Which probably held 3 bullets. ;)

  • Would you believe......
    it was a Smith & Wesson - 40
    it used 5 Rounds of .38 Special
    and the nickname was "LemonSqueezer"!
    .....?? B)
  • Darn you speedie!!!!
    You get back from vacation and spoil my fun! Everyone was stumped! You nailed it!
    The floor is yours.
  • ......missed it by that much........ :lol: :D :lol:
  • We're waiting on you speedie.
  • It's been 10 days since anyone posted here... Will there be a new question or what?
  • HOLY SHEEP$HIT BATMAN!!!!! I cannot believe that I totally forgot about this one!!!!! Must be the 'parking sons disease'..... no, wait, that's how I got the dings on my car door..... never mind......

    Ok, let's see..... hmmm.......??.......

    OK, in this year, campus demonstrations closed down several colleges, and four were killed at........

    1: what college campus?

    2: what year?

    There ya's go!! Sorry about my brain fart there....... and WOW it sure was a big one!!!!! Pheeeeewwwww!!!!! <_< (wasn't me) <_< </font>
  • Kent State U.

    May 4, 1970

    The scary part is that I remember it. :(
  • GJC3000, you are totally right on!! You remember it!?!? Were you there?? :blink: Yikes!! Do tell!
  • No, I wasn't there, I am just old enough to remember the reports on the news and stuff. I was 10.

    Question: Who is the only actor in the TV series to ever serve in the Army in Korea (post war)?
  • Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm, This is just a wild guess....
    Andy Griffth in: No time for Sargeants.... :blink: :ph34r: :(

  • Question: Who is the only actor in the TV series to ever serve in the Army in Korea (post war)?

    Maybe I should have said from the show MASH. A slight oversight.
  • Harry Morgan? I think he's the only one old enough
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Aug 16 2002, 02:21 AM
    Harry Morgan? I think he's the only one old enough

    Remember, I said post war WB.
  • Jamie Farr??
  • Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Jamie Farr, which is funny because his character was always trying to get out of the Army.

    The next dance is yours SB.
  • HAHAHHAAAA!!! You have gotta be kidding!?!? hehehee..... I was just sitting here reading this, picturing him in his Nun's habit (remember that episode!?!?) and thought I'd give him a try!! LOL!!!!!
    (good ol' Jameel Farah, always to the rescue!)

    Sorry I have nothing at the moment..... I'll come back on here later and give one a try........ I'll edit it into this post, so check back to this post this evening, when I've gotten off work! :D

    Geeeee, thanks!!!!! :D

    sorry I'm late folks, got a flat head..... I mean, tire..... uh, on the way home from work..... uh, yesterday.....


    What was Hoss's horses name on the hit show "Bonanza"??
  • I believe it was Chubb. I can remember laughing when I heard it.
  • gjc300, no sir, sorry but that is not it.
  • Was it Ol' poopy-foot?

    Actually, he had three. Ginger, Paiute, and Chubby. :P
  • Still not seeing the name I'm looking for!! If I don't see it here by tomorrow morning, hopefully I'll remember to give it away, and pose another one...... keep trying!! :D
  • WB is right speedie. Hoss's horses were Ginger, Piaute and Chubby. What name could you possibly be looking for?
  • "Cochise"...... but apparently the site that I got my information from gave me mis-information...... I went back and checked now, and saw that it's still there, but three other sites say......
    Ginger, Paiute, and Chubby.

    Sorry about the confusion folks...

    Alrighty Mr. Ball, you're on!

  • Personally, I prefer Ol' Poopyfoot. :D

    OK then, Beverly Hillbilly trivia:

    Who tried to sign Jethro to a major-league baseball contract after seeing him throw rocks on the golf course?
  • I know that Jethro couldn't hit a target to save his life, unless he greased his
    hands up with possum fat first. Thus ruining any hopes of a career in
    major-league baseball for poor 'ol Jet, but opening a new door for...

    ...sorry, what I meant was, I don't know Who tried to sign him up.
  • D'oh!

    Actually KG, you're close enough. It was Casey Stengel and Leo Durocher who were vying for Jethro's signature before they discovered he was useless without his possum fat. Ellie May however........

    Your turn. :D
  • Thanks WB,
    This one should be an easy one.
    What is the name of the theme song for M*A*S*H?

    Good luck
  • I don't know if this is the name you want. I always knew it as "Suicide is Painless".
  • That's the one I was looking for Gjc, good job.
    The floor is yours my friend,
  • Why thank you, my knowledge and talent surprises even me........

    On the TV show "Cheers", what was Norm's real first name?
  • Norman sounds right to me.

    "Good evening everybody."


    "How's the world treating you Mr. Peterson?"

    "It's a dog eat dog world out there and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear."
  • Hades the flatulent? (it worked before......) :D
  • That is what you would think Rex, but it is not. Very strange name (for a guy).
  • Innit it somfin stoopud like Hillary?? :blink: :o :unsure:
  • DING, DING, DING - We have a winner. Speedie, you are just too amazing.

    The floor is yours. :D

  • Naawwww, I'm not amazing at all..... but I will say that CHEERS is one of my favourite shows, and we recently recorded about 42 episodes for my Grammy in Law ...... seems it's one of her favs also!! heheee Ya can't just record them without watching them!!!

    So, let's see here now..... where was I ......??

    Who composed the song "A Boy named Sue", which was done by Johnny Cash? What award did he win for this, in what category??

    (for extra credit, what year was the song released??)
  • Thanks, speedie. If I hadn't looked this up, I might never have known that the same mind that gave us the Dr. Demento classic "The Smoke-off" also gave us "A Boy Named Sue". Naturally, I'm referring to the great Shel Silverstein. I know that Johnny Cash had a #1 hit with 'Sue, but I'm unaware of any awards. I'll guess country song of the year? Oh yeah, Mr. Cash recorded that song on 02/24/69.

  • Mr. Shel Silverstein....... who'd a thunk it, that the author of the heart-wrenching "The Giving Tree" (I still have mine from when I was 12) would write stuff like that, eh!?!? hehehee...... What a talent!!!

    Well, Mr. WB, you are accurate as ever..... and, you're pretty close with the award...... it was a Grammy for best country song...... and Mr. Cash got it for Best Country Male Vocal performance. Close enough se
  • I hate cleaning. That's why I have a bathroom monkey.

    Partridge Family trivia:

    Why was Mr. Partridge not in the show?
  • He's dead. The never really mentioned what from or got into any of the details.
  • Attagirl! That question may have been groomed to our demographic, but so what? Now you may ask, miss speedie.......

    ps. Oh, and BTW, HAPPY FRIDAY!! :blink:
  • Beandip, are you gonna do this anytime soon or will i havwe to start knitting.
  • Heh heh heh, the Queen of Bean is out to lunch again...... or is that, 'still'? <_< <br />
    Hey, WB, of course it's groomed to our demographic, hence the title "Pop - Culture Trivia"!! sheeeeesh, and they call me stu.............. ;)

    Alright, on with the show!!

    A little dab of what will 'do ya'??

    "________, a little dab'll do ya"

  • Can't say that this is spelled right but I think you'll get the idea...

    Bryll cream, a little dab'll do ya.

  • DONG

    We have a winner!!! Rex, you old geezer you, you've done it again!! :D Let's see what ya got Buddy!! (brain-wise, I mean! sheeeeeesh, get your head outta the gutter!) :P
  • Unlike #38 I don't have time to sit around all day and just think up riddles and questions, unfortunately I do find mine online. Here it is...

    What year was Diet Coke invented?

    #38, you were a chess club geek, anybody in the chess club were chess club geeks. Geez I hope I don't have to explain everything to you.
  • Diet Coke was invented in 1982

    One the eighties fads that did manage to stick around.

    Does that mean all the characters in GTA Vice City will drink Diet Coke ;) ;)
  • Right you are Jiffy! You may continue when ready.
  • Thanks Rex,

    Here is a pretty easy 2 part question

    Which Tv Show had the main character Jon Barker??

    How long did it run for??

    Get to work :D
  • If you mean Jon Baker, it would be CHIPS.

    That show ran from 1977-1983 with a couple of movies later. If you truely mean Jon Barker then I don't know. and sorry to bother you. :(
  • Your Right gjc,

    Sorry a little typo there ;)

    Take it away the floor is yours :D
  • Sorry it took me so long to get back. I was on-call this past week and week-end for work.

    In the "Blues Brothers", what does Jake order at the diner? Also, what does Elwood order?
  • 4 whole fried chickens (Jake) and dry white toast (Elwood)
  • I have been away for a week. Business trip in St. Louis. Pretty good time.

    You are correct WB, Go for it. B)
  • Who was Gladys Kravitz married to?

    (I don't think it's Lenny)

  • AHAAA!!!!!! I've got it!! It's Abner!!! As in "Come on Abner, let's go home, I'm getting another one of my sick headaches". Good Lord, who would want to call a poor inocent child Abner!?!? :o
  • Well done, Miss Moddie. It's your turn......

    ps. Be warned, I'm starting it up.......with no WOUF, so you're my destruct contingency...... :blink:

  • Okey dokey, got your back covered man! Finger is on the button just in case! :o

    Alrighty then,

    what was the cost for a one-day ticket at the original Woodstock? And, what was the cost for a three-day ticket?
  • Single day:8 $
    Triple day:24 $
  • Right you are Gabe!!!!! Go to it!!! (you must be an old fart in a young whipper-snapper's clothing! ;) )
  • Who was the original Ronald McDonald.
  • That weather-freak Willard Scott
  • Im not sure if this is a real answer or if you are just making fun of a poor weatherdude.Anyway its wrong.
  • Double-check your source(s).
  • Well, im not sure what to think anymore so the floor is open.
  • Actually, it was some Russian guy, but the accent was so strong, it made his authenticity hard to swallow here in America, so Willard Scott was popped in there temporarily (a year or so), before King Moody took over. He (Mr. Moody, who also was known as Hymie in Get Smart) had the part for quite a long time.

    So, there you have it. My source? The woman who used to be married to King Moody, named Barbetta...... a very old friend of mine. (remember, I'm very old also!) ;) :lol: :P
  • alright if the floor is open then try and get this one.
    "There's too many donkeys here far too many donkeys theres 2 donkeys so that means that theres too many donkeys" hehe that was a funny one. :lol: :rolleyes: :lol:
  • If the floor is still open then I will give it a shot...

    In the sitcom "Three's Company" what was Jack's best freinds name and occupation?
  • Larry Dallas and he was a used car salesman?????? :huh:
  • WOW! Well I guess your right, I didn't know he had a last name though. So for providing 150% of the required answer the floor is yours.
  • Why thankya most kindly Rex.....nice to know my mis-spent youth came in handy for something :D .

    Ok then, 'What James Dickey novel tells the story of an ill-fated canoe trip'?
  • Deliverance.

    ps. You shore gotta purty mouth........ :P
  • :lol: Well done....the floor is all yours WB.

    ps. I still can't listen 2 'Duelling Banjo's' without thinkin of pig's!
  • What is the name of a certain Texas Power Trio's tribute to "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?"

    ps. This may lapse over into music, but it's certainly Pop-Culture B)
  • Is it "La Grange" by ZZ Top?? That was supposedly a rip-off of someone else's song, wasn't it?? Dont' remember who or what song, but I just remember some controversy over it.
  • Righty-O, Little Lady. You now have the floor. (have you checked in on Next Lines lately?)
  • Nope, I sure haven't but I'll make that my next stop, thank you! :D

    Who was the second actor to play James Bond, and how did his acting career start?
  • You must be referring to George Lazenby. George was a handsome car salesman/commercial actor who gained some fame doing candy commercials before he landed the Bond gig. Some research has uncovered "Big Fry Chocolates" as the candy.....
  • Yup, that's the one!!

    Good show!!! :D
  • As the Simpson's are definitely pop-culture........

    What's the combination to Bart's locker at school?

    (I don't care about R-L-R, or any of that, just the numbers)
  • Righty-tighty lefty-righty. It's your turn GK......
  • What fictional character has a weekly allowance of 100,000$.

    Not sure if this is considered pop-culture but...
  • Richy Rich??

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