PS3 Warranty question
  • I just bought my PS3 80G version on Christmas eve, how long is the warranty only 1yr?
    I am loving it btw...:p
    I've been hearing rumors around the net about Sony extending the warranty period to 2 yrs is this true?
    My friend bought a 360 and told me his warranty is 3 yrs.
    I can't even by an extended warranty from ToysrUs they don't sell extended warrantys..

  • The warranty on the PS3 is only one year. I haven't seen any news items about them extending it- if they did I'm sure we would have reported on it in the news section.

    Microsoft had no choice in their matter- they were getting that many people reporting the ol' "red ring of death" it was fix it for free or alienate quite a few of their customers.