Network problems - can anyone help?
  • Hello - new to the forum (& PS3) and need some help n advice. I have 60 gb version and love it - but having serious issues with online playing. My internet connection is working fine and the PS3 recognises it and happily signs in - but it continually signs itself/disconnects out of the network after 4 or 5 mins - only to sign itself back in again - this makes online playing near impossible.

    Anyone got any suggestions as cause or possible solutions.

    Really grateful for any help!

  • Are you using a wireless connection? And if so, what sort of signal strength is the PS3 showing?
  • Its wired via a belkin router - connection seems fine - but constantly times out.
  • have you checked you router settings on your pc see if that is accepting all the incoming and outgoing - sorry mate dont really know to much just a suggestion.
  • Egads- it's becoming an epidemic around here with all the belkin router connection problems. :eek:

    You most likely need to check your router settings- several of the more recent threads here have been about getting the belkin line to connect properly, you may find some good ideas there.
  • okey-dokey, will have a play around - bloody frustrating - just got warhawk and love it - sadly can only play it in 5min bursts - which overwhlemingly sucks.

    thanks for suggestions - this appears to be a rather useful helpful forum.
  • Well, we try our best to be helpful to keep people coming back as regulars. ;)

    In all likelihood having a "play around" with port forwarding in the Virtual Servers section should help clear things up. I've listed them a few times but seeing as the threads do get a bit of a shuffling around the ones to open are:

    • TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    • UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070
  • so here's the up-shot - did everything that you suggested with ports - also put PS3 in the DMZ & even tried the MAC address thing you suggested on another thread - the end result was that my NAT improved from 3 to 2 - and i was up and running.............for about 20mins (which is better than the usual 5!) Then i was signed out again.

    I concluded that Belkin is a bunch of ar*e.

    BUT - i am now fully online & holding steady - i achieved this glorious state of warhawkie goodness by shelling out some extra cash. I bought a couple of those netgear gizmos that turn your electrical circuit into a really long ethernet cable. So im now running my ps3 via wire into this gizmo in a regular electrical socket - then it connects via the electrical wiring in my house to another gizmo in my upstairs office - and heres the key - i run another ethernet, not into my evil belkin router, but straight to the broadband connection.

    Now i have a superfast, smooth online ps3 without wires everywhere - l have to swap ethernets to put my pc online - but thats a 2 second task i can live with.

    If anyone wants to know the actual name of the 'gizmo' give me a shout or check netgears homepage.

    Thanks for your help tho - i just think belkin are beyond saving.;)
  • Yes, i'm not a big fan of Belkin as routers go (or Netgear for that matter) but the "gizmo" is actually a good solution for getting internet access around the house.

    For those wondering the "gizmo" is called powerline networking- it basically sends the internet signal around your home wiring. It's not exactly new- this sort of thing was first introduced back in 2001.

    A quick look brought me to the Netgear XE103, which does the transformation. This goes between your modem (and router if you have one) and the electrical outlet. You then put another into any outlet where you need internet access. These are not exactly cheap (netgear sells them for $96 each on their site) but it is a good alternative to stringing ethernet cable all over the house or dealing with questionable wireless signals.