Call Of Duty 4 API Needs You
  • hi there lads and lasses just wandering, i beleive this has been done before but cant find it. At the moment there's a good lot of us on cod4 battling it out against each other and on the same team from ap. However im sure there's allot more of us on here that must have cod4. Just really asking to get your psn names and when your likely to be on as martin luther king said i"I have a dream."
    Mines not quite as important but was thinking we could fill an entire team on ground war then fight some randoms or just fill a whole free for all and battle it out between the API crew be good fun though i think shootem high and shadow will probably have a killing fest to start with.
  • my ID is the same as on here, add me as a friend also, what is your Network ID by the way, and where in the North West are you from, I'm in sunny Wigan.
  • Filling 4 2...

    sfjp's PSN is sfjp

    mine is BugzBuni

    and yeah, we gonna get a good killing fest mwahahaha (evil laugh)
  • preston mate a couple of miles down thee road