Final Fantasy Vll - Any hints
  • I first played this epic monster of a game when i was eleven or twelve and loved it though it took me a rediculous amount of time to complete it wich i still think to this day was fantstic. I recentley started palying it again and just finished red 13's story and got titan summon i luckily rembered where that was. I know there is an incerdibly large amount of stuff you can miss and then never get it again or have to do alot of blag to get it once youve missed it just any info on bosses,materia or special stuff would be greatly appreciated im actually enjoying this way more than all of my other games regardless of how old it is obviously bar cod4 online.
  • Moved this to the Playstation Game help, as thought it was the best place for it.

    There are many things you can miss and never get later on.

    One thing worth doing is when you get to er , I forget the name of the place. It's when you get out of Midgar and then get round to the Chocobo Ranch. You then get through the mountains and emerge on the other side of them. The first place you see is like a tall building with a bird on top.
    If you go there and choose to help them by donating funds and fighting with them.
    Once you do all that, after about two or three battles, you then get to the the Pheonix egg hatch. Inside you then find the Pheonix Summon Materia. A very good summon to have, especially if you combine it with Final Attack Materia later on in the game.

    Speaking of which, it's well worth the time and effort to breed a Golden Chocobo. By getting one you're able to get the most powerful Summon, Kinghts of the Round. Link that with Final Attack materia and you're well away :)

    Hope those little snippets of help er help you, lol

  • yeh i remember that one thanks mate if i get stuck ill give you a shout. Once ive finished this one im gonna start VIII