Please help Killzone - Liberation
  • Hi, Im am currently stuck in this area of the game and have been for over a month now, as per the game guide below to which I have followed but without any success as Im am not getting any boss health lines so the boss just does not seem to get hurt in anyway shape or form, could someone please advise me a solution or an alternative as im ready to throw the game.



    Chapter 3 - Revenge of Metrac: Pursuit

    This boss has two main attacks. Throwing lots of grenades, and going crazy with
    a machine-gun. At the start, be quick to run southwest to the depot there to
    get the missile launcher. When it throws mines, you should keep at good
    distance, while shooting missiles at the boss's machine-gun. Since these deal
    100 damage with each hit, you should be able to take out the machine gun by
    using only the missile launcher, accompanied by two or three frag grenades.
    To avoid being killed by the machine-gun, use the L-button to dodge, and hide
    behind crates and pillars.

    When the machine-gun blows up, go get the assault rifle from one of the depots
    again, and start concentrating on the remaining parts of the boss. This would
    have been easy, if it were not for the spidermine outbursts that happen a
    couple of times. When the spiders attack, your best shot is to quickly aim at
    them, and shoot them, since they only have a little health each. Use
    both grenades and bullets at the remaining parts of the boss, until they are
    all gone, and watch out not to get hit by the missiles.

    In the end, Cobar is killed