component cable help
  • So i can get my main menu screen, internet browser to project a picture in 1080i, but when i go to play a game it will load the playstation logo the games logo stuff then goes to fuzzy lines, anyone know why?
  • PS3 games do not support 1080i (it's rather poor for it anyway due to the frame rate limit, most games would look choppy). Go into your video settings on the PS3 and make sure to check all of the resolutions your tv does handle. Most games are made to run at 720p- if your tv supports that the PS3 will switch to it automatically when gaming.
  • So i check all that apply, and on the setting in the ps3 menu it says output at 1080i, when un check 1080i it cuts my screen in two down the middle.If i leave all checked as u say i can look around in themenu and the pic looks better but when i go to play a game the pic goes blank almost blank with fuzzy lines, Im loosing hope with this. i know my tv can project a game fine cause when i hook up my xbox it works fine in hd picture.
  • Can you tell me the make and model of the tv you are hooked up to?