• HAs anyone seen Micheal Moore's new documentary Sicko about the Insurance run health service in the USA and how it compares to Canada, France, UK and even Cuba!! Kinda makes me proud of our old NHS!!

    Def a must see - it really opened my eyes - i didnt realise that you had to pay for ambulance trips in the USA! How do they expect your insurance company to pre approve an ambulance ride in an emergency?
  • Kinda makes me proud of our old NHS

    Yeah agreed, what must it be like for you guys in the US, without something like the NHS???? :confused: Very difficult i imagine......
  • makes you proud of paying rediculous tax.
  • I moan about the tax i pay but at least i know (to some extenet) i will be treated regardless on the NHS if i got sick

    There was a 79 yr old guy on this docu who had to work a job to afford to pay his and his wifes medication bill every month!! His wife was doing without painkillers because they coldnt afford them!
  • yeh my legs where destroyed while being in the army calf muscles arent properly attached and have several fractures on both my shins ive been waiting for surgery for over a year now 29th january i go for it , the only thing i have problem with is waiting times but i supose i cant really nag about that.
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles there!