A Promising start for PlayStation-2008
  • As if we didnt know already what kind of year 2008 will be for the PlayStation consoles. With 2007 an amzing year for gaming we are all excited about whats on the horizon. But what so soon ????

    Just taking a look at the coming soon pages for the PSP, i noticed something i dont know if anyone of you knew about ????
    Final Fantasy I and II are being remastered and having extra content added to them, and being shipped for the PSP on a Feb 08 time target!!!! That means you could be playing 'the titles that started a phenomonem' on your PSP in 3-7 weeks!!!!!!!
    Also another exciting title which i've been following for a while- The Elder Scrolls Travels:Oblivion, is set for a March release date!!!!!! Thats three phenomonal RPGs you could have on your PSP in such a small matter of time.;)
    Coupled with the rumours of further groundbreaking titles set for 2008, we can expect a very fulfilling PSP year.......:D

    Now onto the PS3, within the next couple of months there are several, in my opinion games that look to be must haves for all PS Fans.......Titles such as, Burnout Paradise, Devil May Cry 4, Turok, The Club, Unreal Tournament III (For UK PS3 owners of course), Blacksite Area 51 and so on are set to be gracing our consoles in the next 8 weeks. And with the imminent releases of PS Classics such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 5, Gran Turismo 5 and a 08 release for Final Fantasy XIII, what a year we are in for. There are many other amazing 08 titles such as Haze, Battlefield etc that are going to blow us away, but i dont want to type too much in one post lol......:rolleyes:
    But of course we have to mention the revolutionary Sony ideas set to be put into action this year too, such as Playstation Home, Little BigPlanet, Play TV and a whole host of exciting gaming treats to look forward to on the Playstation Store.

    So, lets talk about our hopes and excitements for the coming year, come on people open up....;)

    As if 2007 wasnt amazing enough, now we are being treated to 2008.
  • For me its going to be all about ONLINE. Now i'm up and running i can't get enough.

    Single player is still the main focus but a good online game is awesome.

    On a personal note i would love an online Pro Evo..............that actually works.

    Dualshock 3 also looking good, to much going on after Christmas for my liking, i'm going to be bankrupt.:p
  • yep indeed mate pes wud be bnice if it worked, dual shok 3 im not really to fussed about but the games are gonna be class gta online play will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.