Warhawk - possibly a stupid question
  • so just got my network connection sorted today - and finally enjoying warhawk. i've played a few games and although not brilliant (yet!) i have gained a few points - is there any reason that when the game ends or i quit the game that these points are not added to my profile? - is there something i need to do to make sure i am rewarded for my selfless bravery??!!

    any help appreciated!
  • I think... you have to finish the match you're in like Call OF duty 4
  • in case anyone else is as slow as me - i have sorted the problem. It seems that warhawk doesn't update your points immediatley after each game (well not on my system anyway) - takes a while and then they are added to your profile. I'm still rubbish at it - but slowly getting better!
  • the way all games work mate just got to but a few more hours in then you'll be killin em left right and center its not just your system there's been a few people with same issue mate so dont worry your not that slow hahaha.