can't play anything online !!!
  • i've beenin having this problem since i got ratchet and clank and am startin to get angry because i'm getting COD4 soon.:censored:
    but anyway the problem is that when ever i turn the PS3 on and sign in it starts signin me in straight away (no promblem there) then as so as i go on of my games i get an error message saying that there's a problem and i have been disconnected from the PLAYSTATION NETWORK. a small while after that message (which i tend to ignore because i'm not playing online) i get another error message saying i've been disconnected from the acces point.
    i've been told that it's just that my PS3's just to far away from the router but i want some expert help.;

    if anyone has any ideas then i'd be very grateful.:D
  • Chances are they are correct- the wireless signal can be blocked enough by having some walls between the PS3 and the router to make it unable to keep a steady connection.

    You could try running ethernet cable (depending on the distance this may not br practical plus you would maybe have to drill some holes in the floor/ walls), pick up a wireless range extender to relay the wi fi signal or maybe try the same thing fellow member kubrick2001 did and pick up devices that let you use your home's existing electrical wiring as your networking cable. Whichever option you do is going to cost some extra cash with the ethernet cable and range extender being the cheapest options. have a look in this thread to see the bit I dug up about the last option.
  • ok i've read that thread you gave me a link to and din't really understand much. but it doesn't help that i no virtually nothing about wireless networks except connecting to the router and using it to get internet.
  • Those devices I mention at the end are an alternative to stringing up ethernet cable all over the place and away to get internet access around the house if you can't get a decent wireless signal due to distance between the PS3 and the router.

    Can you tell me what percentage of signal the PS3 sees when you scan for your wireless signal during the connection set up?
  • last time i checked it was in the region of 7 to 12 ish percent. which is with the PS3 as close to the router as i can get.

    BTW would there be anyway i can just boost the built-in adapter inside the PS3? (if u've already answered that question i prove my earlier comment oon not knowing much)
  • 7 to 12 percent???!! That is no where near strong enough to get you online.

    Your best bet would likely be to use a range extender (which i did mention above). This sits somewhere between the router and the PS3 in the house and acts as a relay between them. To make sure things work smoothly you should get one that is the same brand as your router. After a quick bit of set up on the computer just put it in place, plug it in again and have another go.
  • ok cheers whn i get the cash i'll do that. thanks again.
  • actually could you suggest some places i might try to find a range extender
  • Any place selling computer equipment would be able to provide you with one. Check around your local stores or their online counterparts. I'm afraid we are not allowed to link to any commercial sites on the forums.
  • oh ok fair enough i'll have to remember that one.