• dont no if you can answer this or not,i hope so.
    when im trying to connect to the multiplayer games on cod4 all i get is the downloading game settings and then the screen flickers and i get amessage saying error activision matchmakeing (error33) and this is happening regularly now,but dosent seem to happen with anybody else.
    anybody any ideas? ;)
  • This has been happening to quite a few people, it seems. The main problem is due to the servers not being as robust as they needed. Nothing that can be done on your end other than try again another time.
  • thanks for that,at least im not alone oh well i live to fight another day.
  • ive been on the activision website and they say it is a router problem,but yet its been fine for months,colud that be the problem? ive got the router on the right port it tell's you to have it on.
  • The packet loss they mention could still be a matter of their servers not being up to the task. I would say that is the case if all other games work fine for you and you have all of the ports open listed there.
  • ive been on earlyer at about 11pm uk time and had no problems (THANKGOD) so i think its just a matter of the time i go on,thanks again for the help.:D
  • i think ive found the problem with getting online its my ISP they are blockimg the game at certain times,dont no if theres anything i can do.:(