Can a Corrupt PS2 Card be Recovered
  • My son got the game Avatar for Christmas for the PS2.

    My daughter got the SIMS 2 game.

    Both have been saving to the same 8MB memory card with no problem. Until today that is. We tried to load a saved game and it said is was unable to load data from memory card. Data may be corrupt. My son says that yesterday he saved the game and then powered off the system. Perhaps the game was not done saving when he powered off the system?

    Is there any way to recover any of the Avatar game data? Do any utilities exist?

    The card itself is not corrupt because his sister can still load her SIMS 2 data.
  • Unfortunately the Avatar data is lost for good. Most likely you are correct in what happened- the system may have been turned off before the game was fully saved, thereby ruining the save data.

    It can be deleted off the card, however- start up the PS2 with no game in it and go into the memory card. Find the corrupted data and hit the X button. You should get a choice of 'copy" or "delete".
  • you shopuls only really use official ps2 memory cards unnoficial ones have the habbit of losing information something to do with magic gate i think.
  • I think it is the original 8MB PS2 save data memory card