Fastest Non-Tuned Car?
  • I only have a few more races in the professional mode.
  • I assume that you are talking about the polyfony digital cup? I won that series easily with the jaguar xjk220. Just buy it and drive it off the lot and onto the track. Don't even have to touch it.
  • I used the GT-One raod car
  • Like my buddy Simon says, you can beat all the Normal car events easily with the JAG and I think it's fun to drive too. You want a fun car, the normal events are lonnnngggg.
    Also, You can put race tires on for normal races. (the only parts upgrade allowed.) But you don't need them with the JAG.
  • is the speed 12 any good? i just won it and dont really need to tune it up for anything so i might use it for the polyphony cup
  • I didn't really like the Speed12 so I didn't mess with the settings or try to race it. Maybe it'll drive just fine with some tweaking??
    For the PolyDigital PRO series I used the 787B and a F1.
    You can win the 787B at the Fly like the Wind race.
  • I havent had a chance to drive the speed 12 yet, but the speed 6 i didnt like at all, so a bigger/better version of that idoubt is better.
  • Retraction to my Aug. 29 post, I obviously didn't use the the 787B or a F1 for the PolyDigital cup. :2silly: