Game Clasiccs and PS store stuff
  • hi there fellow ps3 heads. Me and my brother have been shopping at ps store for a bit now though admitadly only actually paid for 2 items rampart "oh yes" sorry brings back happy memories of master system and moortal kombat 2 a monster of a game. These classics allow you to do online play wich is fabulous though im intrested to see if any one else has purchased a game off the store and if so wich one ill probably then get it me self, i love playing the classics.
  • Well i've purchased Crash Bandicoot and Crash team Racing, as yes i am a very big fan. I did purchase Crash 2 and Spyro 2 aswell but both had too be deleted due to technical issues, orders from Sony......
    Crash 2 has recently been re-released on the American PS Store so im hoping it will be coming to the European Store too soon.

    I brought Warhawk when it was released, not the old one the new one, and thats about it on the game side of things from the PS Store, i've purchased loads of game add-ons aswell. I'm always on the lookout and my wallet has a fair amount of money in it so hurry up and put more on there Sony!
  • i agree just waitin for my copy of warhawk to arrive then im gonna get that omega dawn been lookin at the reveiws that trrop transport loks amazing.
  • uk stores quite limited in US are there allot more of the proper old games like MK2 or Rampart available?
  • I'm not sure the content varies alot between the two stores...
  • Yes, we do have some of those older title available on the stores in North America. Besides the two you mention we also have Gauntlet II, Championship Sprint, Joust and Rampage. They haven't been doing much in putting up more of the old school games for some time, they seem to be concentrating on original releases and more of the PSOne conversions.
  • they just brough out hardcore 4X4 and N20 but theyre both a bit pooteng im gonna go onlin eshopping on amazon to find some, the prices are really good.