• HI Iam new to this site and I have a bit of a problem. At the moment I live in South korea and I brought a ps2 and a couple of games. One of the games is God of War 2, all the instructions and hints and option pages are in Korean..I have no one to help translate the pages, so does anyone here have the web address of the images of the opening option page the main menu pages etc...please help:redface:
  • cant find the manual for it this is the closest ive got to it click on game guide should help you out on the right handside of the page. I could only find a link to a load of ps 1 game manuals heres gow2 link removed

    ps1 games if you want it: link removed

    hope it helps you.
  • Afraid i had to remove the site links- we rather not have links going to other gaming sites, ya know. ;) The guide on there was a walkthrough from GameSpot, not the instruction manual anyway.

    The main menu would be set up the same as most games with New game at the top then Load Game followed by Options. When you pick New Game you have four difficulty levels to choose from: Mortal, Spartan, God, and Titan.

    Watch your private messaging box, extra- I found a .pdf file of the North American manual. I'll be sending it to you.
  • sorry mate done that before but forgot wont happen again mr lyndon