Hello from Hull
  • Hi everyone. My name is Rich and I live in Hull, England. I have a PS3 bought as abirthday gift and have 3 games at the mo..........F1,Blazing Angels and Assasin.
    Cant wait for GT5 prologe !!
  • its gonna be class mate i know a guy from hull in uni ian burgess you can go holland on a ferry from there or summet he said, whats that f1 like looks pretty cool.Gt5 is gonna be amazing if your online go on ps store then games and theres a gt concept game completley free its pretty descent.
  • Hello charged ;) welcome to APi.

    I wasn't a GT fan but prologue looks great!

    You should get Call Of Duty 4
  • Welcome to Absolute Playstation supercharged! You liking your new baby PS3 so far? I thought of getting myself one for my birthday, but I'll be a little strapped for cash when it rolls around. We'll see though.

    If you have any questions about anything at all feel free to send me or one of the other STAFF members a PM and we will do our best to find you an answer.

    Happy posting.:)
  • Hey, welcome to the site.
    I hear where you live is a hull of a place. Sorry, bad joke I know.
    I'm from the Leeds area myself, so a fellow yorkshire person.

    Anyway, as Mel said...
    If you need any help relating to the Sony consoles then ask away. Any questions about the site or anything then PM any of the staff members, ok? :)

  • pointless fact - yorkshire has more pubs in its county than any other county, my mate jamie studied media and film at leeds university said its a quality place to live.
  • Cheers Guys.............Yep God's Own Country !!!!
    I,m thinking of gettin the Jap version of GT5. is it worth getting or should I wait ? I also picked up the remote so i can watch the Blue Ray films they are awasome
  • is there much differnce to the normal hd dvd's ?
    - i would just prbably wait for the normal uk version mate to be honest, trying to understand japanese would be a pain in the backside.
  • Thanks mate i will ................ i beleive you can down load it free ?? where could i find it just to be nosey lol
  • go on ps store go on games then scroll through and its called gt concept 2.0 it pretty good.
  • That's more the slightly updated tech demo that had been used to give an idea as to what the actual GT5: Prologue could be like graphically. The real deal is presently just on the Japanese PlayStation Store (and also available on disc in Japan). The price is 4500 yen. Haven't seen any dates yet for release in other areas.