• I completed the all speed 6 event in the pro league and won the Tuscan Speed 12. Its resale value is only &#36200,000 so it isnt worth selling. But it doesnt drive like it does in Gt2, it drives better. It turns good
  • whoa good job! i'm not even close to where you are.man i need to play more!the game really rips you off when it comes to reselling the cars.
  • Good job Demon! I have'nt tried the speed6 event yet.
    I won the speed 12 after beating the Poly"Phony". (about a 5 hour series.) Easily with the Jag XJ220 Road car.
    After all that and seeing some nice looking shadows all I got was the Speed12.
    I'm sorry, but I have'nt found it good for any races.
    But, be carefull before reselling cars It might be the one you need for futre races.