DNS error using Wireless router
  • Well, this is interesting. I have a linksys wrt54gs router. I have updated the firmware on the PS3. I am able to connect wired but wireless, I get the usual DNS error like everyone else is. I have tried all kinds of config. I am using the DNS #'s from my provider. DSL Extreme is my provider. I even enabled gaming option DMZ in my linksys menu. I have typed manually and also did the auto no go. I have to admit my tivo doesnt' work wirless either. It does wired.

    So any thoughts anyone?:confused:
  • The problem may be a signal strength issue. The PS3's wi fi card needs a pretty strong signal to be able to keep a constant connection. What strength does the PS3 tell you for the wireless?
  • My tivo says 90% and the PS# says around 89%, my router is only a room away. I just have a 1 bed condo.
  • Also, I have disabled firewall too..my laptop works wireless just fine. I even went to my host website and added a ip address..i can go up to 5.
  • Ok, there goes the original theory. That should be more than enough to keep things going.

    Do you have any encryption running on the router? Maybe you need to give the PS3 the pass key to get through.
  • encryption...my password has been applied. What about that 26 number key..what is that? For me my WEP is just admin, which I will change soon.
  • does the system allow you to enter 26 characters for the encruption key? because I do have one.
  • That 26 number key is the password to get past the encryption. Admin is just your pass to get into the router settings itself on the PC.

    You should be able to enter the entire string into the field for it. The system would adjust for whichever type of encryption you are usingwith that particular blank.
  • Now I am embarrased..I should know better. all good, it was that long key that I had to put in , not password. thanks