• :) Hey I need some help with Crash Bash! Has anyone actually beaten the whole game? I'm stuck b/c they make you play the same levels over and over like 5 times again. So if anyone will help that would be great!
  • I haven't beaten the whole game.

    But each time you defeat the same obstacle, the level becomes difficult and you acquire different gems after each level (but still the same obstacle).

    I can picture that you are in Level 4 because Levels 1-3 has only 4 gems. Am I right? I'm in Level 4 also, what obstacles have you not beaten yet? maybe I'm already through with it, if not ... sorry.
  • ;) Well actually I'm in warp room 5 ! hhehee

    See I've beaten almost everything except for a couple of games. Have you gotten to the point where you get the 2nd relic?? Well if you didn't it's a relic and you have to beat that game 3 times in a row the the champions! I just can't seem to beat a couple of games I have like 6 left. Thanks for your help though. No one has played this game and your like the only one who has written me back!
  • hehhehehe ....
  • Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't jump into conclusions.

    I'm a Crash Bash Gamer too ya know!