• which car is best to use for the Alzetta championships? i havnt done either the begginer or ameteur ones so i need a car which can win both. how much do i need to tune it? etc
  • You could use the LM Alteza race car, that would probly be the best car for it. I dont know where to get it though.
  • You can win the Altezza LM can in a couple of places - the Laguna Seca Enduro Race, the Pro level Vitz race and in the Am level Altezza race.
  • i saw sumwhere that the vitz championship is one of the hardest ones in GT3!
  • See the thread for Vitz settings to help you beat the race.
  • I am doing the Altezza races, with a (damn near) fully tuned is200 pushing about 320 bhp....does the job well.

    Although I have won this about 3 times and always win the same car! How do I get one of the other 4?