Question about Playstation Network
  • I recently purchased a PS3 with Call of Duty 4. For the most part, the system is awesome. I have absolutely no complaints. I do have a question regarding the playstation network though. Is it possible to play multiplayer online pending on the game? I guess what I'm saying is I have 2 controllers, and say a friend of mine and I were both hanging out and wanted to play online, is it possible to get a split screen setup during online game play? I know XBOX has the XBOX live guest account, but I have not seen such thing for Playstation Network. I've also noticed you can only log into 1 Profile at a time. I'm pretty sure that Call of Duty 4 is only 1 player online, but are there any other games that are multiplayer online.
  • This was asked elsewhere some time back. No, only one person can go online at a time. This sort of thing would have to be programmed into the game. It may be possible with MX vs ATV: Untamed as each player plays under a profile- I'll have to check on that one.
  • It was asked by sfjp