PS2 Downloads for Rock Band???
  • Does anyone know if they are currently offering Rock Band song DLC for the PS2? Can we Download the extra songs from the PSN?
    Are the DLC for the PS3 version compatable to ethe PS2
  • The downloads on PSN are just for the PS3 version of the game. I've done some digging around EA's site and they have no mention of downloadable extras for the PS2 version of the game.
  • Thank you for the answer.
    I am planning to get a PS3 in the next few months, now my only question is if the Downloads will work with the PS2 game disc, or will I need to get the PS3 Version. the same will of course go for my Quitar Hero 3 game
  • I answered that bit above- they'll only work with the PlayStation 3 version. The guitar with the PS2 version won't work on the PS3, either. So, if you have the PS2 version already you may have to sell it unless you planned on keeping the PS2- then again, having two versions of the same game would be somewhat pointless wouldn't it? ;)
  • My apologizes, I just noticed that you unlined the word "game". Is that the same thing with the GH3 game?
  • Yes, the same thing applies for Guitar Hero 3- the downloadable songs are only for the PS3 version and the PS2 guitar does not work on the PS3.
  • thanks Lyndon, yet again.