• has anybody unlocked the race that comes right after the like the wind race?
  • It's the F1 series races.
    Still all the same tracks. Which was kinda disappointing.
    Why the ? like it's some big mystery or something new and exciting. They could have put at least one new track in there.
    Maybe I just expected too much from PhoneyPoly........ I mean PolyPhony.
  • To unlock this series you need to get the S lisence.

    I have beaten this series, with some degree of difficulty

    You need to be fairly good at driving because mistakes put you way behind the leader so it is almost impossible to catch up. I finished first in 6 out of the first 7 races so i just quit out of the last 3 and still won the championship. ( i was getting pretty sick of racing the formula 1 cars, the series took forever!)

    The race i didn't win i finished in second