• RUF 3400S
    Lancer Evo VII GSR
  • I'm not sure what to recommend cars for, specifically but i'd say get one of the F1 cars as you can complete over half of the races with them. I hope this answers this question. I would definitely recommend getting one of the F1 cars. It'll help you complete much of the races.
  • the escudo is a must have for winning on the test track. It's great to see the speedo fly up to and beyond 300 mph, considering it wasn't close to that in gt2. any of the F1 cars can be raced as they come to win almost any race
  • simon3 I'd toast the Escudo in my Viper on the test course & especially Laguna!!!!!
    Best cars in the game have got to be:

    RUF 3400s
    RUF CTR2
    Dodge Viper
    Zonda C12

    The F1 cars are great for a while but there's no fun in it, just like the Escudo! All you have to do in the Escudo is press the accelerator & it will ricochet it's way around the course. [b]"Where's the fun in that?????" :(
  • Tru dat tru dat.

    I shall recomend the Mitsubishi FTO LM Race car. (4WD)
    I beat the entire rally racing simulation with it. If any one i s having a hard time driving it I will be gladly to give you the setup. The car is a dirt road hugger. I just would not recommend it for anyother mode due to its under steering.
  • I like my:
    Zonda C12S
    LM RX-7
    RUF rct
    Speed 12
  • how u get the FTO LM Race Car?
  • PS2 master I just won it and am very happy with the way it drives and how fast it is. You win it in the Ametuer leauge in the Dream Car series race.
  • another car i recommend is the Gillet Vertigo Race Car. i have put stage 2 NA tuning on mine (now 720bhp) and it is brilliant. the steering is very precise and it has good brakes. the acceleration is abit slow but it soon gets to its top speed of about 330km/h