help im, mighty confused
  • how do lads and lasses, ive got an annoying problem when i play cod4 online it works spot on not a problem and get full connectivity WHEN I PLAY MY MATES ACROOSS THE GLOBE OR NEARELY FULL. HOWEVER when i play shadow i got 1 red bar then when he connects to mine same happens again wich kind of messes things up abit is there a way round this and why does this happen? :confused: :confused:
  • You are running into a problem with lag time, i think. Something along the path between the two of you is creating a bottleneck, preventing the data from passing through quickly. There is nothing that can be done to correct this by either of you.
  • gutted well and truly gutted, would that just be cod4 servers or just the internet as a whole.
    Oh yeh thanks for the above answer Mr Lyndon.
  • It would be the internet and how they route the traffic to the servers. Considering you say you can connect to just about anyone else with no problems it is likely in the path used for shaddow's data. Again, nothing that can be done for it by either of you.
  • Thats crazy in this day and age you wouldnt think the internet would be limited by distance, i can play americans fine so i thought south africa would be fine too,I dont undestand why, but im gonna do abit of le research in to it. Much appreciated for that Mr Lyndon.
  • Well, there could be a relay down somewhere in the usual path, making the data have to take a detour and making for a longer trip. Also, some places along the path may not have as big a pipe to push data through (kinda like trying to squeeze 8 lanes of highway traffic into 2).
  • ahhh that makes allot of sense ill give post office a ring today see what they say