Broken PS1 Console Price?
  • I've got a broken PS1 console, 2 controllers, and a couple games. I'm going to sell it on craigslist.

    Should I sell it all together? If that way how much?

    Or just the console? How much for that?

    And then bundle the controllers and games together?

  • i would sell it as a whole but give the ps free of charge bit wrong seling broken products.
  • You may be able to get a few bucks for the PSone by selling it for parts- don't expect too much, however, no more than maybe $10. You would be better off selling the games and controllers separately, I would think.
  • I walked into my local gamestore yesterday and he had a stack of ps1s as tall as me and im 6'1 haha it was halerious. But he has all the dated consoles in that store, [this isn't an EB games or a Gamestop or a Gamecrazy its just some funny old school game store.
  • in that case you could just chuck it in with games and just make them aware it just for spare parts try amazon ive been looking on there and have good selection of ps one stuff, what games you got for it ?
  • I'll give you ten bob and a kit kat for it!

    ten bob - (thats 50 pence to you non Northerners, or is it just Wiganese?)
  • hahahahaha northern and proud weyyyyy !