• Hi Dudes!

    I got my ps2 two days ago. Yes, it is gt3, that a bought first and I don't plan any other right now. I have just started the game. Total milage: 200km., licences: ib, r, no cash to spend, only a Yaris in garage, 6,6% complete, one bonus car (sold). The yaris still needs a lot of tuning.
    Where to go? At this stage I can only win sunday cup races and some trophies at clubman and FF (beginner of course).
    Where can I earn more than Cr1000 right now?
    I also have to write my dissertation at university, but I dont think I am able to switch of this machine.
    I can wait to get to real races.
    Any help or tip will do....

    see you around!
  • The begining is hard and slow. There isnt a perfect way to make cash. Once you are a few events in think carfully about each car you win, can it be puchased or is it rare, more importantly does it quallify for any of the events you still need to finish? If yes dont sell it saves you having to buy or trade for it it later. On my path through the game I have bought very few cars you usually win whatever you need. Once you have an OK car try to win the Super Speedway Endurance gives you some good cash and you can win the Toyota GT one which can pass a most of the events.
  • Yeah, as soon as you have enough for a Chevorlet Camaro SS buy it and race the super speedway enduro. You will win lots of money and a good car.
  • A handy way to clock up cash is to use you Yaris in the Yaris race in beginner.