Final fantasy summary
  • As I've mentioned in the past I've only recently got back into gaming after about a 10 year absence.
  • So many questions so...much..time ok.
  • Gene is right on all of what he mentioned above. Final Fantasy Tactics is a Gaiden story that happens to be more of a strategy than an RPG. It's a great game and it is like a sequel to Ogre Tactics(i'm pretty sure about that). I would recommend if you want to play some of the older FFs that recently came out on PSX then i would play those first as i just couldn't get into the story of FFIV from chronicles or Anthology's two FFs, i think it was III and V but not sure -about that. Anyway, then i'd get FF7-9 and when you get a PS2 then the awe inspiring FFX. I was thinking the other day(getting off subject for a sec), when(if) FF keeps going we'll have a FFXXX. Now by that time i guess that name could have dual meaning but i just thought that was funny. Anyway, getting back to what i was saying, chocobo's are around in every FF and while they get a little sparse for a bit in FFX they're still around. Cid on the other hand is in every FF except for one but i cannot remember which one that is. Keep asking those questions and I or one of the other great members such as Gene here will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting, have fun gaming, and have a safe and happy New Year. :thumbsup:
  • You forgot two ff games.
    There is ff adventures for the gameboy and ff mystic quest for the super nintendo.And if were talking american game ff 6 and ff 3 are the same. :)
  • They are the same but it's that FF6 out of Japan was FFIII here in the states. Yes, and there are some other Gaiden stories on the Wonderswan but i know nowt about those games. I would say that they also want to make a Gaiden story out of FF7, but there isn't any fact in them working on one yet, i say they would LIKE to do it. I think that would be cool since that was the game that everyone agrees was one of the best FFs of all time. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting, have fun gaming, and have a very safe and happy New Year. :thumbsup:
  • yeah, like they all said, each Final Fantasy is a separate story.
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    they're only called Final Fantasy because...err
    they're only called Final Fantasy because they...uhh...hmm...

    come to think of it, what kind of a name is 'Final Fantasy'?