Use PS3 Sixaxis Controller on your pc
  • I found this useful bit of software last night and thought some would enjoy it

    The Sony PS3 SIXAXIS controller can be used on a Windows PC but Windows XP and upwards would be best. It works as USB HID device under Windows.

    Heres the instructions to make it work

    1. Download and install the filter driver (libusb-win32-filter-bin- (attached zip)
    2. Unpack ps3sixaxis_en.exe
    3. Plug the SIXAXIS into your PC.
    4. Run ps3sixaxis_en.exe once.
    5. Push the PS button on the SIXAXIS once if it doesnt see it straight away.

    Your link expired
  • smart thinkin batman
  • I've decided to pin this one up for anyone that wants to give it a shot.

    A couple of things to mention about this- you may have to copy the driver file to the windows/system32 folder to run it for this to work. Also, you may have to re-run the file from the windows command line every time you reboot the computer.
  • That is pretty interesting, although I can't say as I'd have a use for the sixaxis on my PC. But I could definitely see it being great for someone who games on their PC as well. Pretty cool stuff :)
  • Mine says windows media player cnanot support file and closes it wtf do i do!?
  • Sounds like you have a file association very much out of place there, Puttiey. I would say delete the driver file, re-download it and put this new one in its place in the System32 folder. You may need to go into the "Set Default Programs" section of the Control panel in Windows and remove that association with Windows media Player.
  • Where do i download the driver and is it free
  • Yes, it's free. Wonderboy did have a link directly to the file in the first post but it has since expired (one of the limitations of some file hosting sites). If you do a Google search for "sixaxis driver pc" you'll get all sorts of hits about it with links to the files.