Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • Help Please.
    Is there another way of defeating the CENTAURS in Tomb Raider anniversary in Tihocan`s tomb temple,other than that given in the official strstagy guide,as this is prooving very difficult. Or is there a level skip cheat you could give me?????Thannks Ray.
  • Unfortunately that is the only way to defeat them. I agree it is a difficult battle but it can be done.

    Also, there are no cheats available for this game, just listings of how to unlock various items. Going to have to go it honestly to get past the centaurs!
  • Never mind many thanks anyway.
  • Your problems are over i have found a way to defeat the cenaturs an easier way. Thanks to Stella's Tomb Raider Anniversary Walkthrough - Windows PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 & PSP

    If you're having trouble with the strategy above, or if you just want to try something different, here's an alternative to direct combat in which you trick the centaurs into killing themselves:

    When the battle starts, save manually in a new save slot just in case this method doesn't work for you. It does not work for everyone, and if it fails, you will be stuck in a bad spot and unable to continue without reloading the earlier save.

    Target one of the centaurs so its health bar appears in the top right corner of the screen. Then run to the edge of the ledge and jump into the water above the tunnel that leads to the switch
  • appleofmyeye you rock thank you for the help. It really does work. at first it did not so I swam back up then swam back down and it worked. I have been on this for two days. Thank you so much:D
  • hi, I've tried swimming back to the tunnel and wait for the centaurs to kill themselves. One of them will die then I swim out and target the second one and go back to the tunnel. The second one will get about 1/2 to 3/4 dead and then stop shooting fireballs. If I go back out he's running around and around but not shooting. I can't pick up the shield that is stuck halfway into the ground. The grapple won't target it and pick it up. I've tried this over many times and can't seem to get rid of the second centaur. Any ideas would be appreciated. I can't wait to get out of this level!!:p
  • You may want to try defeating them the proper way, jennifer. Due to the, er 'unusual', way you're trying to beat the Centaurs you've probably ran into a glitch of some sort. I would recommend referring back to the intended way of beating them- even if you'll have to work a little harder it's sure to not act up on you like before...;)
  • well, that's a problem also doing it the intended way to beat them. I tried that way too. I was able to stun them but then I was unable to take the shields from them. They just wouldn't let me grapple them and pull them away. Is there only a certain time you can pull take the shields from them. I have read all of the info on how to do this and it just won't work for me. I was thinking it's another glitch in the game. I've played every tomb raider that has been released and never been stuck like this for more than 2 days. any suggestions I could try? thanks for your help.:cool:
  • You do have to grapple their shields in quite a small space of time. Do you think you were taking too long...?

    I'm afraid it doesn't look like there's any cheats that can help you with anything. You're going to have to beat them yourself, of your own accord at the end of the day.
  • I'm going to keep trying. I am probably taking too long or something. Thanks for your help!
  • I finally found the right cave (there are two--the wrong one has a waterfall), and discovered it takes 10 mins for the first centaur to die. If I wait much longer after that to swim out and up, the second centaur has no fireballs, and apparently can't be killed--And ,I can't pick up the first shield. But, if I swim up immediately after the first centaur is dead, the second fires fire balls ( lots of them in the water) and usually kills me quick. I will keep trying. I will also start the game on easy, and try to learn the proper way.
  • I finally defeated the centaurs (appleofmyeye was a great help) :
    I found the right cave with the handle and swam down to it while both centaurs threw fire bombs. I used one or two medipaks to do so. I saved my game. I then waited for 10 mins and watched the health meter of one centaur fall to zero. And, I waited until the second centaur stopped firing (another few mins.). Then I swam to the surface in relative peace and had a chance to look around while the centaur galloped around. I could not pick up the shield the first centaur dropped. But I noticed that if I went near the temple steps, I reached a "checkpoint." I save the game here in another slot.
    I fired at the centaur and sometimes he fired back and his health meter showed up. Sometimes he ignored me--no fire balls, no health meter. I tried jumping back in the water and swimming back into the cave and waiting for the second centaur to commit suicide. He refused. It didn't matter whether he was throwing fireballs or not when I dove down the second time. His health meter would not budge. So I reloaded the game at the temple steps, and learned to doge following other folk's directions. It took two sessions on two separate days (to get my neurons to connect). I got his shield away three times, and the last I finally was able to finish him. I noted that all my medipaks were back after the fight-- nice. But the question arises, "Was it worth it?" Maybe, but I had to buy a second gme, because I stomped on the first out of frustration. And, I did buy a new controller as well--very costly.