without Memo Card PS2 Can Play games?
  • Hi friends i found this site and forum very help full for user of Play Station Games i as also a User of PS2 i bought it but my ps2 hasn't memory card and it doesn't play any game but it does play DVD movies ... so plz tell me why it does not playing game whether it playing DVD film. is this problem of memory card ? means of that i have not memory card ... so my Actual Question is that Can PS2 play the games without Memory card ...
  • The problem isn't a lack of a memory card, Rai- you should be able to play games without one. You would not be able to save your progress, however.

    Check the bottom of the PS2 games you are trying to play and see if there is any dirt or scratches there. If they are like that the system may not be able to read them. Wipe the discs with a soft cloth going from the center out to the edge- don't wipe around following the ridges.
  • oh thanks for reply and also thanks very much to increase my knowledge about Ps2 that it can play game without Memo card ...

    But whenever i play different types of ps2 game and brows it then it show message like this " Please insert the Play Station or Play Station2 Format Disc " while it can play every DVD film very easily .. can u tell me about it please i hope u will .. i will wait for your help

  • Are the games you are trying to play the original discs? The only reasons i can see the machine giving that message is if you bought games not made for your region or you are trying to play illegal copies. If it is the second option then you won't have any luck here- we are very much against game piracy here at Absolute PlayStation.