Platformers, dead or alive?
  • Your thoughts please.

    Played R&C TOD demo and think its very good, long time since i played a platformer but really enjoyed it.

    Good graphics, gameplay and hilarious weapons.

    So, what do you think people, is there a future for platformers on PS3?
  • There is definitely a place for platformers in the PS3 landscape, just as there is for all other genres. The trick is going to be making a platformer that isn't just "there"- they'll need to utilize the PS3's capabilities as much as possible to make it stand out.
  • platformers will be around as long as there are computer games its one of the major genres and always will be i think. However cant say i currentley own one at the moment.
  • I agree there will always be platformers. BUT, unless they start pushing the envelope they will be the same old game with different characters.

    I think the problem lies with Licensed games, its so easy to put a films characetrs into a generic platform game and rack up sales. However this does not endear the genre to the games playing public.

    This is the main reason i have not bought a platformer for a long time, the quality has been missing, bar the odd exception, for a long time.

    Only my opinion mind, please don't hesitate to disagree (like you would anyway!)
  • hahahaha no i see exactley what your saying to me, i havent been impressed by a platformer since the last abes odessey game to be honest.Though rachet and klank was suppost to of been stunning.
  • Ratchet and Clank will be a major part of the PS3's future it is one of their signature games, and one of the best platformers ever created.
    Also, hopefully games like Jak and Daxter will be making a debut on the PS3 aswell, with platformers like Ratchet and Jak the genre could lead the way for the PS3.

    Most genres utilize platformers into their games, it is a major genre for every console and the PS3 further opens up the opportunities there is and will be for Platformers.........:D
  • just wondering... but what kind of question is that when you ask it on a playstation?!?!? lol. but anyways, i have always been a big sony fan, plus they have the best control design around if you ask me, with the 360 controller the button are in all different place which makes it harder to remember as on the ps3 they are all coordinated, which for me makes a platform game a whole lot easier!
  • Not sure what you are getting at Sombulus.

    There will ALWAYS be platformers, of that i am aware, but, as i said in my previous reply, there has not been a great deal of quality releases.

    So maybe the question should be..Is there a future for QUALITY platformers on PS3, new console, new lease of life perhaps.

    "My way of thinking come round to YOU WILL!!!!"
  • hahaha wey ! no completlet right theres been to many poo releases im hopin for a croc remake or sequuel i loved em.
  • Must admit didn't plat the Croc games, was more into RPG's etc on PS1 and PS2, there are some classic RPG's that would be superb on PS3.

    Anyone from Square/Enyx listening.....?
  • im playing ffVll at moment just got highwind and been to coral.
  • quality game, might get that again, any problems playing on PS3?
  • not at all mate when ive finished i can post it to you if you like as you only live a couple of miles down te road.
  • there are some classic RPG's that would be superb on PS3

    If you want an RPG for the PS3 check out Oblivion it is quality. And of course FFXIII will be out later this year. (Must get into playing the Final Fantasy games).........
  • had oblivion on 360 still didnt agree with reviews for an rpg to quick to finish and the stroys a bit pooteng compare to many other games out there.
  • had oblivion, good game, but not up to FF standards, the reviews were a bit OTT for a 360 port i think.

    The graphics were a let down.
  • yep definatley, suikeden was amazing thats not far off ff7, ive ordered some classic games from ps1 mk trilogy, rayman 1, croc, croc 2, overboard, redalert and bushido blade. cant wiat you should check out amazon theyt got loads even some arebrand new god knows how that one works but still in cellofane and the lot.
  • The graphics were a let down.

    Looked pretty good to me!

    didnt agree with reviews for an rpg to quick to finish

    Im 80hrs into Oblivion and still nowhere near finished everything.......
  • brother had it on 360 and was a bit poo teng though not played it on ps3 or pc