brand new PS3 player
  • I have two wireless controllers. I would love to play with the person sitting next to me playing the same game using the controllers. Help please:)
  • There are a number of games available that have two player co-op/ split screen vs play. Let us know what games you have and what types of games you like and maybe we can pick some out for you.
  • tyvm lyndon staff! i have jericho and the unreal tournament, as well as some flying game, think blazing something. if those don't work for what i'm looking for...could u suggest some games that would work for me, pls??? thx for reply, helps lots, I am having a ball - tho using two controllers w/ person next to me would be truly ideal for my situation...for now anyways. thx!
  • Well, for games on the PlayStation Store you can do some multiplayer on Super Stardust HD, PAIN, High Velocity Bowling, any of the classic titles- there's a good selection there.

    For actual full titles on Blu-Ray, you can check out Resistance: Fall of Man, MX vs ATV: Untamed, Army of Two (once it comes out), The Need for Speed series of games- you just have to look around a bit to find the multiplayer goodness. B)
  • need for speed,kayne and lynch,cod4, tekken infact most games do have split screen capability.