can u display speed in mph?
  • is it possible to display speed in mph? i've seen loads of screen shots with mph- are these altered shots, to hide the fact they hadn't got round to altering the game?
  • Yeah just go to options and you should be able to switch it. At least in most other racing games. If there isnt an options thing or is just not in it sorry. Maybe majik can tell you for sure.
  • [b]Looks like they have forgot to convert the kmh to mph for the UK version. I can't find it in my copy to change it over. :(
  • In my haste to play the last 2 days, I hadn't noticed if the US version displays in MPH or KMH.
  • I just got my copy in the US and it doesn't look like you can change it. It was the same with GT and GT2. I don't know why they would't give the option to change but if you're not in the US you get km. I personally prefer Km since i'm not american, but i'm stuck with mph
  • Guys,

    Europeans work off metric & so do Japan. They only convert for the states. You'd have to buy a U.S copy to have your speed registered in Mph!!!!

    I don't mind now 'cause I'm getting used to it. In Ireland & England we still use Mph which is strange 'cause we're all supposed to be Europeans!!!

    Ciao ;)
  • Sorry. A little late in responding.
  • [b]gr8whiteshark, In the UK it's law that the speed limit is set in MPH not KMH, so why can't it be set to MPH in the game.

    Easy Answer, The game is set for the whole European market, which is 95% in KMH and 4% in MPH the other 1% is for the people who like to walk around in there town area due to certain laws that will not let any type of transport in.
  • Tiff,
    I agree there should be a setting for mph or kmh no matter what market the game is sold in.
  • [b]Oh Shark Dude that what makes a great driver. A person who can stick it out over the hours/days/weeks/months, get the skills of a master, knowing the racing and driving line

    On the speedo of UK cars they have the MPH & KMH on the same speedo, but have MPH in bold white and the KMH in a lesser size and colour to make things safe when you take a trip across the water. The police do have KMH on there cameras due to european law that all units of measurement must be in metric when taking someone to court. :confused: so when they pull up someone for speeding the have to show them a table of conversion for KMH => MPH as not to confuse them and replay the video showing the speed in KMH and the conversion table next to the monitor.