Best track and worst track?
  • :2devilish:
  • The absolute worst track has to be Corte de Zure. I hate that track! Next would be Leguna Seca, then Seattle reverse. My favorites would be Super Speedway, Tokyo, Mid-Field, Apricot, and last but not least the Test Track. Very nice straights on them.
  • Well i love, Tokio and Laguna Seca, because after playing through much of the game i learn to memorize them, and became very good on them. i also like The Special Stage courses, and all of the rally course. Actually the only one i hate is the Test track, because is so boring, imean if you just race 5 laps it's ok, but longer than that its boring.
  • The tracks I like the best is Tokyo, and Apricot. The track I hate is Speical Stage Route 11. Speical Stage Route 11 is a bring back fro, GT 1. HATED then HATE it now. Only two real straights, alot or tight turns no chance for speed.
  • My favorite tracks are: Trial Mountain(#1 by far), Apricot Hill, and Special Stage R11. My Least Favorite are: Laguna Seca, Toyko, and Midfield Raceway. I don't know why I like and dislike these but I do.
  • I love pretty well all of the tracks, but my favourites are:

    #1 Laguna Seca Raceway- mostly because it is challenging and a racetrack that requires perfection, and it is also in north america and a short plane ride away from where i live.

    #2 SS Route 11- because this is another challenging racetrack and a lot of fun!
  • your right Mika, the Test track is pretty boring. I remember many late nights falling asleep at the wheel and struggling to make it to the end just so I could make $10K or $15K to buy parts for a car upgrade needed to win a particular race. Thus the challenge! Being able to put up with the boredom!
    I can't say I really have a favorite, they all have something good I like and something I hate.
    If I had to pick, I'd say SS RTE 11 for favorite and challenge and my worst is Tokyo, I just usually hate racing it, even though it's probably the easiest track.
  • the best has to be grand valley speedway followed closely by midfield raceway,