Need Help Asap !
  • Hi im playing final fantasy 7, ive just gone back to clouds home town where you go to the mansion and the towns all fine after the fire and there the crazy cloaked guys. In there is a vault in wich you follow clues to get a summon and vincent early does anyone know the combination so far ive got the first one in the oxygen room right 36 - cant find the other im playing it right now so any help would be greatly appreciated it.
    Thanks again Samuel Pennington.:confused:
  • The second hint leads you to the floor near the piano. You'll find it by going through the door to the north of the entrance and then to the room on the left.

    Hint 3 leads upstairs, to the right part. It tells you to take several steps but instead, just look around the entrance of the room with the chest that held the Magic Source, tapping the circle button. You should find the next clue.

    Hint 4 is not actually visible but you can still select it to get the last clue. You should then have the full combination.

    (i could have given you the combination without having to search for them but it's more satisfying to do it yourself, don't you think? ;) )
  • nice one mate i managed to get a walk through didnt really wanna cheat but the lasy clue wasnt working with steps and that. Just got to Wi taih. Got Odin. I'm Properley hooked on this game now.
    Thanks again Mr Lyndon For your help and advise.