Resistance...Flashy ending online???
  • I currently do not have a PS3, A friend of mine bought Resistance used and didnt get a manual, he is playing resistance online and was complaining to me that twice he was tied for first place on two differnet maps once as alien or as human and both time there was a flash or something and the match edned with him in second place.
    Is there some kind of tiebreaker or does anyone now what that is.
  • Ermm maybe the game ended, or he lost connection? After he exited the scoreboard after the 'flashy ending' was he put back into the online lobby or the games title menu?
  • He told me that after the flash, which he explain to me was like a big ezplosion, it went to the ranking screen. Mind you he is out of state and is tell me this over the phone. So I am not sure exactly what he is seeing.
    His exact words are "there is a big explosion and then it goes to the ranking screen and I lost"
  • Sounds very weird to me personally :huh:
  • I think maybe he is just getting blown up and not realizing it.
  • well I asked him about that and he said that there is no gernade that does that kinds blast, but then again he has only been playing a couple days when he told me of the occurance.
  • He could of got Laarked (Rocket launched) and then the game ended i suppose, or he lost connection if that was the case it would have took him back to the title menu after he closes the rankings board......:confused:
  • yeah, I agree. I think he is simply getting frag from behind by the leader clan mates. it hasnt happen since, but everytime he was tied with another player and was going head to head with the player he was tied with.