• Hey everybody! I've got 500,000Cr to spend so I want to know which Rally car YOU think is best. What you say is what I buy.

    Another thing, Do any of you think it's even possible to get all gold on your rally licence. I can't anyway best I can do is Silver. And does anybody know how to get the following cars:

    Lancer/impreza prototypes
    Mitsubishi lancer rally car
    Ford escart rally
    Toyota celica.
    Thanks! :D
  • Lancer prototype :Professional 4WD challenge or Swiss alps rally 2.
    Impreza prototype:All gold in rally (supposedly) or Super specail Route 5 wet 2 rally.
    Mitsubishi lancer rally car:Amateur Evolution meeting or Smokey mountain rally 2
    Ford escart rally:Win the Tahiti Maze (all 3 races)
    Toyota celica: Win the Tahiti challenge of Rally (all 3 races).

    As for my fav. well i just love my Lancer rally car. which i won at the amatereur evolution meeting (1st time i got it) and again in the Smokey mountain rally no.2
  • Hey thanks theve That info'll come in most handy.

    Oh and the Lancer, good choice, but not as good as the 206 my fave. May not look much, but its just as powerful and lighter than the others. well, bye!
  • i picked the impreza proto type it is fast and you dont have to buy it in mulktiplayer mode!!
  • i picked the lancer because it is pretty light, handles good, and you can win it ina few races so you dont have to buy it.
  • Dude! Use an FTO LM RACE CAR

    Thats what I used. Rallying was a breeze
  • I like the lancer proto type it's pretty darn fast!!!
  • For me the best rally car is the Lancia Delta.. Why I just like to drive it and the car is a classic...
  • The Imprezza Prototype is my favorite (and first) rally car. Pick your fastest car (mine was the Viper GTS maxed out) and head over to the rally car area. Pick the last races (wet road i think) and just hold the gas... Sure you crash and scratch (more like stripping) the paint, but it's worth it. I barely won the race because on the last lap we where neck and neck (thanks to a few spins) we headed down the straight away and I knocked him in the cornor area and he couldn't get out... I won the race and took my victory lap slow and steady!
  • Dosn't anyone like the xsara rally car or what?
    It does wheelspin a lot of the line but I won most of the rally races with it..
    Guess there is no perfect car, we all just drive different ones better than others.
    keep racin and keep ya hopes up...