Beat HARD level in ARCADE easily
  • I used the LANCER Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype.
    The computer basically puts A-Class cars up against you that are easily beat, NO pressure and not too slow going.
  • After winning all of the F-1 cars, beating the ARCADE mode was easy. Plus, if you beat the course on hard, it automatically passes the easy and normal difficulties for you. All you have to do is use your own garage! We used the F090/S

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  • my f090/s won those races with no comp! i just had to change my oil about every 4 races

    the majority of the F-1 cars are won at the endurance races. There are 6 cars in total. They are secret cars, that you can only get by winning or buying off of someone who has already won them. They have the best handleing in the game and also have great accelleration, though they top out usually between 210-230mph, depending on which car your driving style and skill
  • yes mozza, it's pretty much a gimme if you use an F1.
    Someone said you need it to complete your Game Percentage. I don't know. I completed it way before I even started Amature-lvl in Sim mode.
    If anything it was good practice for me before I started harder races in Sim-mode.
  • I've just finished the beginner league and am trying to complete the arcade now for the same reason....practice the tracks.
    Everyone talks about these F1 cars and how great they are but I can't seem to find them at the car dealer?? Are they just special cars that you win and don't even show in the car dealer setion?
    Also can anyone please tell me where to win them, as it sounds like they are a dream to drive!!! :smile: ......yet another thing to get the drool flowing again!!! :biggrin:

    Cheers :cool:

  • Mozza i'd say the easiest F1 to get is the one for when you win the last endurance race. It's easiest to win it with the suzuki escudo pikes peakes, takes about 50 minutes.
  • comon guys, I beat the Arcade mode the hard way.
    No F1's..... that's cheat'n.
    But then I did'nt know how easy they were to win.

    Have Fun.