Daxter Stuck in Fish Cannery
  • daxter has completed the mission at the fish cannery but how does he get out? he is being eaten by the fish every time tries to.
  • Make sure that fish goes for the one on the hanging line before trying to hover over, otherwise he'll be going for an ottsel appetizer.
  • I don't understand , the fish does not go for anything hanging..I mean there the fish keeps swimming around and no matter how I time it ,it does eat Daxter up ... also there is this hanging line where ice blocks are sliding to the other side but I don't know what to do with it ...?:huh:
  • The fish is frozen in one of the ice blocks on that line- use the flamethrower to thaw it out and that will bait the fish trying to eat you.
  • That was great help! Thank you

    Now I am stuck trying with the hive queen. I have rcvd ultra sonic attachment and I get to the point where the hive queen is throwing flying bugs which i can kill...

    what do i do next to get the hive queen down :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • I believe I covered this battle with Ashley<3 up in the stickied help thread for this game- have a look at the last few posts if it.</b>
  • thanks I killed the bee infact I finished all the bugs in the lumber mill too .. but don;t know how to get back .. I can see the place where I have to reach from this platform but when I try and cross over I always fall down ... is there something I am missing .... sorry to keep bothering you ..but its driving me crazy ...
  • After the last switch to kill the flying bugs go back to the room where the second switch was, hang a left and go across the bridge. You'll see a slide to go down that will take you back to the start, where you can continue on to the next mission.
  • thanks.. managed to get out of the lumber mill...and now stuck at the prison ... I have managed to get to the point in the prison where I am facing a platform with a long board in front and a light in the middle.. there are two other platforms on the left and right where there are bugs and I manage to reach them .. but I am unable to cross to the other side which I can see from this platform in the middle.... I have collected 47/54 gems ... is there something that I am missing or I should keep trying to hover ?
  • I'm trying to place just where this is in the level. Mind telling me what you did just prior to getting to this spot?
  • This place also has a semi circle of the red eggs that goes around this platform in the center....

    Before I reached here I crossed the three guards circling around the prison rooms, I got into one of the rooms and there was a vent which led me to some other bugs and then I hovered and crossed here ....

    I have only 7 more bugs to go and there are 5 on each of the platforms on the left and right which I can reach and I can see more the other side which I am not able to get to ...

    am I making any sense ...:(.. I hope I am so that you can help else ..I am going to be stuck here for ever and keep falling in the purple color water ,,,,,:unsure:
  • There should be some bits of spray in the air you can get while hovering to help extend your distance. A running double jump may help as well.
  • Oh is there is no trick I can help myself with ,,,just need to keep trying ..except that there are no sprays in the distance towards the open door that I want to go to .. anyho ...will just try thanks for the help ... will let you know if I manage :unsure:unsure
  • still stuck .. I still feel that there has to be another way .. I know am being a bother but can you please check it one more time.. there are no sprays towards the door I have to head ... and I do not last across the way ... tried jumping ..running and double jump ...:( does not help
  • Hovering is the way to go about it- only thing I can think of is get yourself as close to the edge as possible before jumping. Also, you may want to try a quick re-press of the button when the hover starts to give out. I forget now but you may be able to get there this way.

    I'm doing a replay through the game myself but I'm not nearly as close to the end as you are right now (yet).