cod4 match tonight
  • Hello fellow ap members. I am trying to arrange the whole ap crew who play cod4 to have a match tonite hopefully, but if not possible for a set date and time where everyone can play in a private match if you just post your prefered time we can try and arrange something to benifit all.
    Hope to hear from you all soon.
    Thanks again Samuel Pennington.
  • I am available most nights after 9.00pm UK time.

    By the way sf, i will be on tonight, got a headset hooked up but don't know if anyone can hear me through it.

    Next time you are on, give me an invite and will try to have a chin wag.

  • sound mate good times best way to check is to just bang it on full volume then ill tell you if your making me deaf or if its distorted then just bring it down a level each notch till we get it right.
  • I have it on vol 4 at the mo, a friend who i played online said he couldn't hear me, although he has no headset.

    That might be the problem, will try it later though. Up to level 28 or 29 now, slowly getting to grips with it.

    I need to stop charging around like a mad man, experienced players are picking me off like agood un!

    By the way, really enjoyed that match you me and shadow had, after you left i got him with a head shot from a distance and immediately logged off, so he could NOT exact his revenge.
  • i struggle playin shadow due to the connection speed i have with south africa i get 1 red bar weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Errrr yeh you just got to stick to a set of weapons you like ive only recentley changed mine to unlock more points to get to level 52 is my goal then not bothered after that.
    Close range - m104 , desert eagle 3flashbangs,stong bullets , steadty aim,handgrip
    Medium range- g36, berreta,3flashbangs,stong bullets , steadty aim,red dot sight.
    Mobile support - m249, berreta,3flashbangs,stong bullets , steadty aim, hand grip
    Long range - m16A4 , usp,3flashbangs,stong bullets , steadty aim,red dot sight
    Assasin - M4, berreta silenced,3flashbangs,stong bullets , steadty aim,silencer

    i just stick by them then get used it thats how you get better by learning how to use particular set ups you enjoy if you keep changing youll never maxamise a weapons potential kinda like a footy team.
  • You are giving your secrets away, but thanks for that, i have been changing weapons a lot to level up (150 kills etc), i do now need to settle on a few favourites though.

    I think i may need a samll tactical warhead for you and Shadow, that sounds good, i can see it now.....(dreamlike sequence)

    3....2....1.......BOOM, GAME OVER, POKERDON WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hahahahahaha if only. yeh sorry mate tried to join the match twice wouldnt let me the best way to do it is not invite while already in a match or about to start when you click on on line play and your in your own lobby ythen add someone it seems to work that way.
  • Yeah if theres a match we need to have a good host, always 1 red bar normally. I'm happy to host as Sfjp had a good connection to me last time, just need to sort out shaddow, maybe he will have a better connection to us next time?????:)
  • unfortunatley i spoke to Lyndon and seems that south africa has issues with connecting to britain and vs. at proper speeds. But yeh by all measn im on tonight your better inviting people when in the lobby and not about to start match that cuases problems with connecting. But shall be good i wanna see if pokerdons become a master yet.
  • I am a master of DYING!!!! No, getting better, rank 31 now, i will give you a game this time, and i have a new headset (got it with Warhawk), so i can moan properly now.
  • play you tonite mate, youv'e gone up the rankings extremley quick im actually quite worried. took me an awful lot longer to reach that level. got any favourite set ups yet?
  • Me to im only at about level 36 and its took me ages to get that far,ive had alot of problems connecting with shaddow hav'nt seen him for ages,my problem with connecting seems to have been sorted (he says touching wood) still have alot of problems replying to invites even in this country,WE CAN BUT TRY and i will try :p
  • good to hear it, ive not heard from shadow for a bit either.