playstation2 cosole help
  • i have a few problems with my ps2.sometimes when i put the disc in nothing happens.a few games like granturismo4 have few races that take 8hours or 9 hours to complete.i just want to know wether it is alright to play continuously for that long?and will anything happen to my ps2?
  • all the consoles ive ever owned i have had the odd start in the morning finish late at night gaming session. However its not advisable to do on a regular basis i am quite sure they adv max 4hours then leave off for an hour i would go to those extremes but you should be careful about playing it for a period as long as 8 hours not to good for your eyes and sleep also. But playing your long races shouldnt be a problem as long as your not doin it 7 days a week.
  • also make sure your ps has got good ventalation and space this is essential other wise it will most definatley overheat and once thats happened its good bye playstation.
  • If your system has good ventilation (sitting open on a table as an example) it shouldn't be a problem but you really should take a break every hour, even if for your own health. When you get to those extra long races, pause the game after a bit and relax for about 10-15 minutes after every hour you play f you wonder about possible tv burn in during this, just turn the tv off.