Need for speed pro street
  • Hello lads and lasses.
    I traded in my beloved juiced 2 for a copy of nfsps and quite enjoyed the 1 player it's brilliant. However ive now become fanatical about online gaming and for the past month and a half ive had the response wither no players but more often than not need for speed server down at this time, man im Pi**ed just wandering if its just me or if everyones else is having the same problem.
    Thanks Again Samuel Pennington.:confused:
  • Only information I could find was in the forums of EA's UK site- seems like the problem is in the servers EA is using, according to most. Did you get prompted to download an update when trying to go online? If not maybe you should try to get that.
  • no there isnt an update i could find for need for speed ps3 seems to have issues all across the board with servers, i'll just wait and see what happens.