Can't get online with PS3
  • Hi
    i have a problem connecting with the online netwrok aswell

    i can get onto the webpage and on the net through the ps3 but when i got to sign up for an account it come up with and error ( A connection to the sevrer could not be established(80710d23)). it saying this error is a time out

    my setup is a wireless but i needs a boaster internet thats a plugging with ethanet cable pluging into the ps3. i dont no why i need this my pc wont get the connection aswell as the ps3

    im just wondering if anyone eles had this problem and how to fix this
  • Russell, if your PS3 won't connect wirelessly it likely isn't getting enough signal from your wireless router. can you tell me how much signal you are getting? It will tell you when you scan during the connection set up.
  • thanks for reply

    i thought it was wireless but my dad siad its wire and how do i find out my connection :D
  • wired (spelling error)
  • Well at first i posted to you on the forms but i odnt think i was that clear.

    Right this is my situation and what i have done

    I have setup my ps3 online and i can go on to the ps3 website using my ps3 consol. i have done a test for connection and it said succeded for both of them. but for some reason it wont let me finish the createing an account online ( i can get to different stages each time never over half way). i have a wired internet throught the electrics ( acording to my dad) this is because the signal insent strong enoth wirelessly. i can not think were i am going wrong, i remember my cousin saying somthing about a code on the box ( i dont no what). i tried so F***ing :mad: dam long i could cry and im getting to the stage were my hair is falling out at a teenagers.

    Please help

  • [b]I know the feeling- sometimes this whole technology thing is over rated. :rolleyes: As for what your cousin was thinking of, I believe he was confusing this with registering the PS3 with Sony.

    Now that you have partial online capability we need to figure out getting you the rest of the way. I take it by your last post you do have a router in place and the net access is going from there being distributed through the house through the wiring. I think what you need to do is go into the router settings and make some changes there.

    First thing I would try is in the router's port forwarding- it's quite possible the ones needed for the PlayStation Network may be blocked. The PlayStation network uses these ports:

  • I and my dad dont no were to go to get these setting for the router. please tell weather to use the PC or the PS3


    (i will repli tomorow)

  • This would be done on the computer. Let me know what brand and model router you have and I should be able to find the step-by-step instructions on how to get to that spot.
  • Its a belkin router

  • Ok, Russ- can you tell me what model number it is? It should be on the front of the router and also on the bottom.
  • MODEL:SB5101E

    thats the model on the bottom
  • That matches the model number of a Motorola brand cable modem- Belkin doesn't have anything with that model number on it.
  • sorry its

  • There we go- had the manual for that model downloaded to help someone else before.

    Log into your router settings by typing in the web browser address bar and hit enter on the keyboard. Now, at the top of the screen that comes up you should see "Log In"- click that and hit the Submit button on the screen that brings up.

    Now, have a look through the menu that runs down the left side of the screen. Under the Firewall section you see Virtual Servers. This is where to go to open the ports i told you about. In the first blank put in the last numbers of the IP address being given to your PS3- you can find this by checking the PS3's Network Settings. Select the type of port being used (TCP or UDP) in the menu next to this. Over to the right a bit more you see a pair of blanks for the port numbers themselves. For the single ports such as 80 put the same number in both blanks- for the TCP 10070-10080 put 10070 in the first blank and 10080 in the last blank. Check the Enable box beside each entry then go to the bottom of the page and click the Apply Changes button.
  • Thank you so much,

    you have been the biggest help to me out everyone i have asked for help, i can now play online thanks to you guys :D Thank you very much i been trying since christmas to get this working :D

    thanks very much

    Russ :D:D
  • Pleasure to be of service, Russell- hope you'll be back around to join in to the various conversations around the forums and maybe lend a hand to others where possible (lighten my work load a bit ;) ).
  • hi i just hooked up my friends ps3 to the internet however i cannot get into the ps3 network (like) russell but i used the info u gave him but it still wont work
  • btw the router is a netgear wgr614