can you make an external HD a network drive too?
  • Hi, I know you need win media server or simlar to access media files from PC's etc and have this set up wrilessly currently but this is very slow for streaming. Does anyone know if its possible to set up an extenal hard drive as a) a USB wired hard drive to a PS3 but also b)as a network drive at the same time so I can download stuff straight to it over my network from a PC? It makes sense in my head but I am new to network drives... surely this stuff should be easy and user friendly?? Any help much appreciated.
  • Most external USB hard drives will work with the PS3 for saving videos, music, etc. as long as they are formatted to FAT 32.

    A quick search via Google has let me to believe a network drive will most likely not work. Several results came back of people trying to do this sort of thing and having no luck. Instead, maybe you should consider using a normal USB drive and make copies of the files you want onto it for the PS3.
  • thanks, that's the same as i have found. It would be nice though not having to keep plugging stuff in and messing about. If you could have an external drive for the PS3 that is accessible on the network too in its own right, the PS3 would effectively be on a LAN. Surely the boffins upstairs can knock something up?
  • That is something they likely could fix with a firmware update but due to the limited amount of people that would be using networked drives i can't see it happening. All i can suggest is plant a bug in someone's ear at Sony through their tech support and hope someone passes the word to the right people.