network access disk
  • I read in a thread here that games that support online play do not need the disk. Outrun 2006 told me to use the disk first which i do not have. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • In most cases that is true- the majority of PS2 games that have online play have the connection set up routine as well. If Outrun won't let you set up a connection try finding another game that will. If yu don't have any other online- enabled games maybe a friend would have one?
  • thank you, so far none of the other online enabled games have it either, trying to find one still. lots o games :)
  • If all else fails you may have to contact Sony and ask about getting a replacement or maybe you have a friend that has one you can borrow.

    One thing i just remembered- did you register yourself over at Apparently this has to be done first using the access code that comes with the PS2 (should have been on a small red bit of paper with the rest of the documentation).