• hi !!
    i need a good cheap car to finish the amature mode,
    i have the zonda but it couldn't take the turns good like the sport cars.
    i have about 500,000 cr. and i can get to 1 million by selling some cars, what is the best car for me to buy ? and how do i tune it for the best ???

  • You could get a skyline and fix it up. It can have 1055 horse power and it is four wheel drive. What I reccomend doing is winning the last series and getting the
    LM FTO which is also four wheel drive but is a tone faster than the skyline. It is a really fast car that handles very good. You could also by a Zonda C12 S which is very fast if you put Bhightow1's settings which you can find here on it.
  • Also if you buy a Camaro SS and do minimal improvements to it (exhaust, chip, tires) you can win the superspeedway endurance fairly easily, and the prize cars are fairly good.
  • I agree with Mavm's route. I did the Trial Mountain normal car endurance race early on in the game. I believe it was with the Austin Vantage. Won the F094/H F1 car. From there on out, I was unstoppable! Whoo hoo! But anyhow, the best cars tend to be the ones you win.
  • thanks guys, i'll try it all...

    ...i had to tell some one, i have a car with 1881 BHP,
    it's the Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version, fast but jast can't turn.